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AL-GHAIB, Aesthetics of the disappearance, curated by Gaia Serena Simionati

30 giugno – 15 settembre

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Stux Gallery 530 West 25th Street Chelsea, New York, NY 10001 tel: 212.352.1600

Giacomo Sferlazzo e Waltertito Mirisola sono i due artisti di Lampedusa invitati da Gaia Serena Simionati a partecipare alla mostra AL-GHAIB, Aesthetics of the disappearance che si terrà a New York dal 7 giugno al 15 settembre.
Giacomo Sferlazzo sarà presente con il suo video “Una conclusione non c’è” Regia di Salvatore Billeci realizzato con il contributo del collettivo ASKAVUSA.Con la collaborazione di Marianna Maggiore.

AL-GHAIB, Aesthetics of the disappearance, is an international show curated by Gaia Serena Simionati. From Sharjah, an
Emirate par excellence focused on the development and creation of culture, the show moves to New York, land of
acceptance, in Stux Gallery.
13 artists, both emerging and established, coming from 9 countries, (England, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Macedonia, Palestine,
Russia, Turkey, U.S.A) are invited to work with dierent media such as performances, videos, sculptures, installations,
photography, paintings and drawings, mainly unseen.
Focusing on the theme of the disappearance, AL-GHAIB aims at exploring in the artworks, the lack of the artist “Ego”.
In short, when the disappearance of the ES generates the real intellectual and visual value and ‘the Divine’ appears. e
Epiphany of God is then the main form of art.
One could say in this context western society is breaking down. e overall lack of spirituality, the decreasing of the
accepted identity, the loss of both the physical certainty opposed to an easy sexuality, together with the losing of
knowledge, of contact and respect between human beings and unfortunately towards the Planet Earth itself, create a
general loss. e result is the sacrice of love, sympathy and awareness.
ese interwoven and dierent themes are the ones upon which the 13 International artists are called to reect: on the
evaporation of concepts, on the classical Aesthetics of the artistic Phenomenology (phainómenon “that which appears”;
and lógos “study”), from a Greek word that studies what will appear.
Let’s see, then! La takhta.


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