Giacomo Sferlazzo al Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival 2014 Thursday 4 | Friday 5 | Saturday 6 September 2014


Msida Bastion Historic Garden, FLORIANA. 8.00pm

Logo by Pierre Portelli

The IXth edition of the Malta Mediterranean Literature Festivalorganized by Inizjamed will be held on Thursday 4th, Friday 5th and Saturday 6th September, at the Msida Bastion Historic Garden, in FLORIANA, with the participation of Noria Adel (Algeria), Clare Azzopardi (Malta), Antoine Cassar (Malta), Marc Delouze (France),Abdulrazak Gurnah (UK), Walid Nabhan (Malta), Bel Olid (Catalonia, Spain), Marlene Saliba (Malta), PeterSemolič (Slovenia), Giacomo Sferlazzo (Lampedusa), and Anna Szabó (Hungary).

Entrance to all events is free. Short poetry films from Reel Festivals, and one directed by Kenneth Scicluna on two poems by Doreen Micallef, which is being sponsored by V18, will be shown during the festival. This year’s edition is celebrating the European Day of Languages.

The writers will be in Malta throughout the first week of September to take part in the LAF Malta Literary Translation Workshop. They will be translating each other’s works into their languages, and reading some of these translations during the three nights of the festival.

The exciting Maltese bands Plato’s Dream Machine (Thursday) and Kantilena (Friday and Saturday) will be playing music from the albums they released recently, Għera and Senduq.

The Mediterranean and Europe 


The Festival coincides with the First Annual Valletta 2018 International Conference on Cultural Relations in Europe and the Mediterranean that aims to address aspects of contemporary cultural relations in the Mediterranean in the framework of Valletta as European Capital of Culture (ECoC). It is being held in collaboration with the University of Malta.

The conference on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th September 2014 will be held at the Valletta Campus of the University and the keynote speakers will be the celebrated Maltese historian Prof. Henry Frendo and Prof. Mostafa Hassani-Idrissi, who edited the manual on the Mediterranean as part of Marseille 2013. One of the speakers will be the author, singer songwriter and political activist from Lampedusa, Giacomo Sferlazzo.


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